Do the New York

Do the New York is a tribute to the sights & sounds, energy, vibrance, and people of New York City—the birthplace of the Grand St. Stompers. Their third album features vocal duets with Tamar Korn and Molly Ryan, swinging numbers for dancers, a song from Beauty and the Beast, ballads in the style of Sidney Bechet, original compositions, a calypso, and the title track from the Ziegfeld Follies, complete with the honks and clangs of Gotham.

Featuring Tamar Korn, Molly Ryan – vocals; Gordon Au – trumpet, cornet, composer/arranger; Dennis Lichtman – clarinet; Matt Koza – soprano sax; Matt Musselman – trombone; Nick Russo – banjo, guitar; Rob Adkins – bass; Kevin Dorn – drums.

Liner Notes
Album Credits
CD Official Release Date: Saturday, Dec. 17 at SWING REMIX (NYC)

Individual tracks are high-quality 320kpbs MP3s.
Title Sample Duration Tempo Price
Do the New York (CD) 56:52 $15
Do the New York (MP3s) 56:52 $10
1. Do the New York 4:09 244 bpm
2. Swang Thang 4:02 162 bpm
3. Ridgewood Stomp 4:22 205 bpm
4. Blues Skies 4:21 170 bpm
5. Ballad of Bus 38 5:54 96 bpm
6. She’s a Great, Great Girl 3:33 228 bpm
7. When I Take My Sugar to Tea 4:22 170 bpm
8. Saratoga Serenade 4:22 112 bpm
9. Be Our Guest 5:03 248 bpm
10. Muskrat Ramble 4:10 180 bpm
11. Somehow the World Has Turned Upside-Down 4:29 224 bpm
12. Nadine 4:13 176 bpm
13. Let Yourself Go 3:52 228 bpm

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