Review: Christmas Stomp
Michael Steinman of music blog Jazz Lives, October 2012

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When nothing remains of Christmas merriment but the credit card bills, CHRISTMAS STOMP will keep on giving.

Gordon Au and the Grand St. Stompers create music that will bring joy all year: frisky, full of feeling, innovative without being heretical.

The Grand St. Stompers are creative joymakers. Their ensembles rock; their solos soar; the band can sound like the Louis Armstrong All-Stars then hint at Gil Evans or Forties Ellington. Sweet or tart vocals by Tamar Korn and Molly Ryan tie up the holiday package with a glossy bow. The music celebrates the season but it’s nothing like the formulaic seasonal blare. No Rudolph, no drummer boy—just pleasure, ingenuity, and sly humor.

The Stompers make wondrous dance music. Even if your six-beat count never gets beyond two, this CD will have you swaying and smiling.

— Michael Steinman

A fan responds:

I just played the album for the first time and agree on all you say, nothing to be added. Just that I will play these tunes the year round. A pleasure to the ear and to the feet, increased happiness will last way past Easter.


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