Do the New York Album Credits
November 2016

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Liner Notes
CD Official Release Date: Saturday, Dec. 17 at SWING REMIX (NYC)

1. Do the New York (Comp./lyr. JP Murray, Barry Trivers, Ben Oakland)
2. Swang Thang (Comp. Gordon Au)
3. Ridgewood Stomp (Comp. Gordon Au)
4. Blue Skies (Comp./lyr. Irving Berlin)
5. Ballad of Bus 38 (Comp. Gordon Au)
6. She’s a Great, Great Girl (Comp. Harry Woods)
7. When I Take My Sugar to Tea (Comp. Sammy Fain; lyr. Irving Kahal, Pierre Norman)
8. Saratoga Serenade (Comp. Gordon Au)
9. Be Our Guest (Comp. Alan Menken; lyr. Howard Ashman)
10. Muskrat Ramble (Comp. Kid Ory)
11. Somehow the World Has Turned Upside-Down (Comp./lyr.Gordon Au)
12. Nadine (Comp. Gordon Au)
13. Let Yourself Go (Comp./lyr. Irving Berlin)

All tracks arranged by Gordon Au (Gordonburi Music – ASCAP)

Tamar Korn – vocals (1,4,11,13)
Molly Ryan – vocals (4,7,13)
Gordon Au – trumpet/cornet
Dennis Lichtman – clarinet (1-2,4,6-7,9-11,13)
Matt Koza – soprano sax (1,3,5,8,12-13)
Matt Musselman – trombone
Nick Russo – banjo/guitar
Rob Adkins – acoustic bass
Kevin Dorn – drumset

Produced by Gordon Au (
Executive Producers: Kevin McEvoy & Barbara Epstein
Recorded February 22–23 by Peter Karl in Brooklyn, NY
Edited, Mixed, and Mastered by Gordon Au, Peter Karl, and Bryan Shaw
Artwork by Gordon Au and Kelsey Ballance with Brandon Au; thank you to the original photographers

Special thanks to the musicians, Peter and Bryan, Kelsey, and Brandon; to Kevin & Barbara for their generous support; to Michael Steinman and Jazz Lives; to our families, friends, fellow artists, venue managers & organizers, and others who donated advice, time, money, and spirit; and most importantly, to our wonderful fans! Dedicated to the undying spirit of New York City. Join us online at &

Copyright ©℗ 2016 Gordon Au / Gordonburi Music

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