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Gordon Au & the Grand St. Stompers
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The Grand St. Stompers are small independent artists that have been producing high-quality, niche, authentic, and original music together since 2010, and we love playing for you! If you love the Stompers and our music, you can support us in several ways:

These guys, and gal, are HOT and ARE the future of this jazz we love so much.
— Ken Salvo, Grammy-winning musician

Boy, did this ever bring back great memories! I am 73 years old and did this same dance when I was a teenager…
— Ida, jazz fan

“One heard the Stompers’ clarinetist, Dennis Lichtman, play a Sidney Bechet tune so beautifully that it brought tears to the eyes. […] Tamar Korn presented the music of yesteryear by phrasing songs the way they were meant to be sung. She displayed that rare quality of singing with clear diction and emotional understanding. […] They were led by Gordon Au, a humble and gracious man, who, as a stellar cornetist himself, is technically assured yet displays unlimited versatility and style.”
— Joan Bauer, Pennsylvania Jazz Society director

“Grand St. Stompers’s swingy arrangements of holiday favorites and other treats were really classy, smooth, heartfelt and inspiring.”
— Voon, swing dancer and DJ

“[…] the dancers just love the Grand St. Stompers!”
— Lynn, swing dancer

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