The Grand St. Express

The Stompers' debut album is a rollicking ride aboard an express train, departing from a WWI-era ballroom, coasting through New Orleans classics, taking a detour into Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker territory, touring the blues-drenched Southern scenery of WC Handy, steaming along the cliffs of original rags, and dipping down into the hushed valleys of Tamar Korn's lush vocal ballads. All aboard!

Featuring Tamar Korn - vocals; Gordon Au - trumpet, cornet, post horn, piano, composer/arranger; Dennis Lichtman - clarinet; Dan Levinson - tenor sax; Matt Musselman - trombone; Ehud Asherie - piano; Nick Russo - banjo, guitar; Rob Adkins - bass; Kevin Dorn - drums

★★★★★ Great ‘New’ Old Time Jazz: I love all Tamar Korn's collaborations, and this is no exception: a great band, playing with distinction and real love […] These guys (and gal) really kick this stuff into gear with fine swinging style. Let’s just say they could’ve all traded licks well with Eddie Condon and Bix back in the day.
— Ed, jazz fan

Review in The American Rag (October 2011)

Individual tracks are high-quality 320kpbs MP3s.
Title Sample Duration Price
The Grand St. Express (CD) 53:34 $15
The Grand St. Express (MP3s) 53:34 $10
1. While They Were Dancing Around 6:03
2. She's Cryin' For Me 3:35
3. Waltz of the Flowers (from the Nutcracker) 5:09
4. Escallonia Rag 3:58
5. Crazy Eyes 3:31
6. Pavonis 5:44
7. The Grand St. Express [restored] 4:43
8. I'll Be There For You 4:58
9. Thirtieth St. Thingamajig 3:51
10. Aunt Hagar's Blues 7:22
11. The Grand St. Express [original] 4:40

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