The Challenge

On December 1st, Columbia University Swing Dance will present THE HOLIDAY BASH (click for details), the release party for our album Christmas Stomp. At NOON on November 15th, we will release a preview track from the album called "All the Other Christmas Songs." This track is remarkable in that it is made up entirely of bits and pieces of famous holiday and winter-themed songs, all chopped up and mixed together. A micro-medley, a musical smoothie, if you will. This contest, then, is a taste test: if you think you know your holiday tunes, then we challenge you to drink of this musical smoothie and use your aural taste buds to name each song it contains, and furthermore, in the correct order.
The Prizes

1st Place Prize: whoever submits the first entirely correct entry will receive our 'Keepsake Package': admission to THE HOLIDAY BASH, along with a Christmas Stomp CD and commemorative poster! (See event details, advance tickets, and package deals [here].)
2nd Place Prizes: the next five submitters whose entries are graded an 'A' or above (at least 90% correct) will receive a 2 for 1 admission to THE HOLIDAY BASH!
The Grand Prize Challenge

(For the brave/obsessed only!) Furthermore, we issue an ultimate challenge to the genius and/or insane: name the songs in the track, in order, AND write out the entire lyrics! For lyrics to be correct, they must come from the correct verse/chorus of the song in question - no using the opening lyrics if we quote the melody at the end of the track, for example. This is such a challenge you'd have to be MAD to do this! But, given the prize, you'd have to be MAD not to try! - Namely, our VIP Package (admission for the winner plus guest to the show, an autographed CD, audiophile download, an autographed poster, a photo of the Stompers autographed by each member) plus a certificate of confirmed holiday melodic genius from the Grand St. Stompers!
The Hint

A hint, and quite a big important one, may be found somewhere on GrandStStompers.com.
How to Enter

At noon on November 15th, the link below will be activated:

[All the Other Christmas Songs]

Submit your entries via Facebook message to the Grand St. Stompers [here], or by email to Gordon @ GrandStStompers.com (remove spaces). Note that we cannot be responsible for lost/misdirected emails or messages, so please double-check before sending. Best of luck... you may need it!!!
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