2nd Sunday Jazz 4.11
This free hour-long virtual concert, featuring or trio of Gordon Au, Matt Koza, and Nick Russo, is now online HERE!

“Easter Parade” 4.4
Happy Easter! As a holiday treat, and preview for NEXT weekend’s 2nd Sunday Jazz concert, here’s our trio playing Easter Parade. Tune in 4/11 for the free hour-long virtual concert put on by the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church of Santa Monica—details at Shows.

CalBal Music Videos + EP Album! 1.23
By popular demand, we’re releasing our new music for CalBal Live as its own EP, Swing in Place, Volume 2: Balboa in Place! In addition, we’ll be releasing the music videos for everyone to see on YouTube.

The Stompers at CalBal Live! 1.4
Wishing everyone a happier New Year. At CalBal Live, coming soon on the 15th-17th this month, we are excited to debut FIVE new music videos for balboa and other swing dancing. See Shows for details.

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